Daisy Dixon at River Island

Daisy Dixon at River Island… well there’s fashion-tastic news! I am a lover of watches. I think they are symbolic and have been gifted with beautiful watches through various times in my life so they have always been a meaningful gift to me. Now, I also love a good fashion fix watch, and I have plenty of the cheaper watches too that just serves to fulfil my inner magpie.

Daisy Dixon is a London watch brand and is available on just a few websites but River Island have 6 exclusive styles available on line.

Bella Dee- River Island - Daisy Dixon

Daisy Dixon “Alex” is a stylish oversized rose gold plated watch with a brown leather strap. RRP €65.


Daisy Dixon “Georgia” is a sophisticated slim black leather strap watch with a rose gold plated face. RRP €75.


Daisy Dixon “Kate” chain watch has a rose gold plated bracelet. With minimal design, it is a simple yet elegant watch. RRP €75.

Bella Dee- River Island - Daisy Dixon 2

Daisy Dixon “Olivia” offers a bit more bling with a rose gold plated mesh strap and gem encrusted face. RRP €75.

Daisy Dixon “Adriana” is rose gold plated watch interface dials and the saffiano leather strap is available in black leather or cerise pink leather. RRP €95.


All watches are available exclusively on line to River Island and come with a three year warranty.


Donna-Marie xx


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