Get summer fresh with Ziaja

Scrub & shine this summer with Ziaja new shower gels and scrubs.

A refreshing shower gel is the perfect wake up call to start the day the right way and refreshing is exactly how to describe these new beauts!

As for having summer pins… a good exfoliation is the perfect way to get legs in tip top shape and these body scrubs are the perfect catch.

Bella Dee - ziaja

My favorites from the collection…

Olive Leaf Gel Scrub
This is a micro exfoliant scrub that can be doubled up and used on the face. It helps blackheads, removed impurities and breaks up skin debris to promote healthy skin repair.

Cocoa Butter Shower Scrub
This is my favourite body scrub. It is bursting with a blend of cocoa butter, coconut oil and contains crushed walnut shells and macro scrub granules to polish skin. My skin was so soft after first use.

Orange Butter Creamy Shower Gel 
This gives a zesty burst of freshness in the shower that will certainly wake you up in the morning. This will moisturise and protect skin but what I love about this is its proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and skin firming properties.

Ziaja new shower gels and shower scrubs are available in Natural Olive, creamy Cocoa Butter and zesty Orange from pharmacies nation wide.

The best part is the amazing price point:

All three shower gels retail at €3.45.

Olive leaf gel scrub retails at €5.99.

Cocoa Butter scrub and Orange Butter scrub retail at €7.99.

Will you be having a power shower with Ziaja?

Donna-Marie xx


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