GoNoodle for mindful kiddies

Let’s be realistic, from time to time kids get cranky, stressed, worked up and can act out and despite people saying it’s not true, kids can get anxious. I’ve always gabbed on about Mindfulness, yoga and general head space so it’s no surprise that I practice mindfulness alone and with my son Sean (7 years old), and I have done for years.

Mindfulness for kids

So, why not give your kids 5 minutes out of their day (and your day) to practice mindfulness? The benefits are endless… better sleep, better concentration, better moods etc. Not to mention the fact you’ll be teaching your kid an invaluable lesson in patience and diligence for their older years. You’ll also be enjoying valuable time with them and in most cases enjoying that bonding experience.


Not sure where to start? Sign up to GoNoodle! This is a free parent-friendly and secure website designed for kids that offers a vast amount of activities for kids but it also has brilliant relaxation and videos that are based on yoga and befitting for kids. Head to the “Flow” channel which hosts numerous of videos from 3-4 minutes minutes all focused in relaxation and mindfulness. If I notice Sean is feeling worked up or even stressed these short videos help bring his feet back down to earth and puts his smile back on his face.
Let me know if you practice mindfulness with your kids and if do what channels you use.

Donna-Marie xx


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