NIMA Brush… and me!


I first discovered NIMA Brush back in 2012 when I was gifted the infamous Starter Set “The Basics” and since then I have been hooked. NIMA Brush is by far my favourite make-up brush brand. But, if you haven’t heard of NIMA Brush, then you’ve been living under a rock.

NIMA Brush was set up by a Dublin based Irish lady, Niamh Martin. Niamh has had regular TV appearances, loved by Xpose and featured in numerous of Irish and UK publications… not to mention has a string of awards for her brushes! And, she is one of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet!

Niamh Martin has a story behind every brush as she names her brushes after women in her life who influenced her. But much to my surprise, Niamh went and named one of her brushes after me [squeel of excitement]. Eeeeek! I am utterly chuffed at this wonderful gesture from a woman who I admire greatly for launching the “Donna” brush.

So enough of the soppiness, on with the brushes! When Niamh launched the “Donna” brush, she also introduced 3 more new brushes to the NIMA Brush Artistic Collection which follow the beautiful Tiffany green colour handle with a matte finish gold feral.


The Donna

A beautifully tapered blending brush handmade from brushed goat hair. This brush can be used to apply shadow to the socket line of the eye and also to quickly and seamlessly diffuse out shadow for a perfectly blended finish. This is a fab blending brush and using a circular motion will buff out any harsh lines of eye shadow to create that perfect seamless smokey eye. As I said, this brush is named after me and an eye blender brush is the perfect brush to name after me because I am obsessed with blender brushes! RRP €12.00


The Harley

This is a face brush handmade also using brushed goat hair and is unbelievably soft. With its long whispy hairs this is the Creme De La Creme of face brushes. The Harley is extremely versatile and can be used for a Variety of different applications such as highlighing the raised areas of the face, for a light sweeping of blush on the apples of the cheeks, bronzer application and can also be used to create a soft shading effect to the contours of the cheekbones. This brush is named after Niamh’s beautiful daughter, Harley Rose born in early 2016 the cuteness is unreal!. RRP €19.00


The Terrie

This is a miniture version of the ever popular Flat Head Kabuki, also my favourite NIMA Brush. It’s made from Taklon Synthetic fibers which can be used for powder or cream/liquid products. It is a non-porous synthetic brush that will not absorb too much product therefore preventing waste. I use this brush for a more precise foundation application or daily for buffing out concealer under the eye or on smaller areas of the face. This brush is named after the NIMA Brush international brand ambassador (who is also absolutely stunning!), Terrie Mc Evoy. RRP €16.00


The Fuzz

This is a large shader brush made from extremely soft Sable hair. This brush is absolutely perfect for applying eyeshadow across the eyelid. The tip of the Fuzz is also great for applying a transition colour into the socket of the eye and for softly smudging colour under the eye. Using the flat side of the brush, simply pat the eyeshadow onto the lid, and use the tip and a window wiper motion to apply a transtion shade in the crease. This is my go to eyeshadow brush for applying base eyeshadows and cleaning up any eye look. This is named after another one of Niamh’s wonderful friends, Fuzz. RRP €12.00

If like me, you need all of these 4 of these brushes then you can purchase “The New Release Bundle Set”  for €50.00. This is an online exclusive offer so grab it while you can!

You may be guaranteed that this won’t be the last time I post about NIMA Brush, as Niamh is constantly adding new brushes to her brand. I also heard from a reliable source that she has something new coming, soon!

Will you be painting your face with these fluffy delights?

Donna-Marie xx


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