Miss Fit launch “The D”


The Miss Fit brand have pioneered the multi-award winning Miss Fit Skinny Tea, the only laxative free detoxifying tea on the market. Specially formulated to boost your energy levels and help you slim down. So, it’s safe to say that they know what women need to add to their daily routine to be happy, fit and healthy.

The lovely people at Miss Fit have just launched another exciting product to their brand, The D. Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is the one that makes you feel greatboosts your immune system, strengthens bones and teeth, helps fight depression and keeps diseases at bay. But, it’s the vitamin that thousands of industry professionals, doctors, and publications say is the single most important supplement we all need more of but, most people in Ireland (1 in 8) are deficient in Vitamin D.

You can obtain Vitamin D from the sun but, you would need to spend at least 20 mins every day bare skinned and without sunscreen to absorb Vitamin D into the body. Let’s be realistic, even if we had glorious sunshine in Ireland, who has time for that and no sunscreen is an absolute no no! That’s why The D is a wonderful new product to have on the market. If you’re experiencing aching bones, feeling down in the dumps, weak or excessive sweating, chances are you’re deficient in The D.


The D is the strongest Vitamin D supplement on the market (3000IU) and is fat soluble, so to be absorbed it mu st contained within a fat. The D is soaked in cold pressed olive oil for that reason, so unlike other forms of Vitamin D on the market that are powdered, this is the most highly absorbable. Vitamin D is also stored for a long time in the body, so missing a day or two is fine but it’s also perfectly safe and advised to take daily. You can also never have too much Vitamin D, in fact it’s more dangerous to be deficient in The D.

If you’re not getting enough of ‘The D’ head to The Miss Fit Life to order some ASAP. There’s an early bird 20% off so you can get The D for €12, for a limited time only. The D is also available in store from Lloyds Pharmacies nationwide now.

Will you be opting for a brighter day with The D?

Donna-Marie xx


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