Lidl Fashion AW16


Lidl is like a cool lucky dip for adults!  When you walk into Ldl, even with a shopping list and a determination not to sway from it , it is just not possible. You never know what you’ll come out of Lidl with, a BBQ even though it’s monsoon season, sure you couldn’t leave it there for that price. A new dog bed, even though you don’t have a dog, but this is an intensive to get one, you’ve been thinking about it for awhile. Or even snow boots, when you’ve just booked a last minute sun holiday, sure you can keep them up, they were a bargain!

I am actaully excited for Lidl AW 2016 clothing launches. Yes, clothing! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak ahead of their launches and I am super impressed. The price point is incredible but the quality is not compensated in the slightest. I wonder if we’ll see fitting rooms in Lidl next year, you never know!?

See some AW 2016 examples, prices and release dates below.


Dress €12.99, available in December

Coat €24.99, available in October



Dress €12.99, available in December



Black Gilet Waistcoat €14.99, available in November

Top €4.99, available in December

Skirt €6.99, available in December



Bra €7.99, available in December

Underwear €6.99, available in December



Black sports bra €9.99, available in October

Leggings €16.99, available in October


Will you be sporting Lidl fashion for AW 2016?


Donna-Marie xx


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