Simple steps to prolong your fragrance


Ever spritz yourself, smell amazing, an hour later, the smell is gone? Yup, me too! Here’s a few beauty hacks to keep your scent lingering from morning till night.


You know all those gift sets you got with a fragrance and a matching body lotion, did you bother with the lotion? Most people don’t. Well, that’s actually key to prolonging your fragrance. I guess you could call it a primer for your fragrance. Just like a primer you apply before your foundation, it intensifies and prolongs. When you spritz your fragrance over the moisturiser, it fuses the scent from both products and helps it to last longer. Fragrance evaporates off the skin, but a lotion will stay on the surface of the skin, thus acting like a primer to anchor the fragrance. When spritz over it Give it a try, dig out that body lotion you got in your last fragrance gift set and or invest in the matching lotion from your favourite scent, I promise it works.


The best places to apply your fragrance are on the pulse point. Why, and what are they you ask? Pulse points are spots where you can feel your heart rate; behind your ears, bottom of your throat, on your wrist and inside of elbows. The pulse points heat up the fragrance and this is what activates the fragrance aromas. So rather than dancing in a mist of fragrance, be a little more specific; apply your lotion to these points, and spritz your fragrance on top.


The good oul tradition of rubbing wrists together after spraying a fragrance will actually diminish your scent. 99% of fragrances are made up of top, middle and bottom notes but, if you rub your wrists together after spraying, your force these notes together rather letting them combine and warm up on the skin. So spritz your fragrance sparingly over the matching lotion.


Fragrances aren’t cheap, but if you want your money’s worth, treat them right.  Keep all fragrances away from direct sunlight because the heat and humidity will cause the fragrance to break down and lessen the quality of the fragrance. Once heat and humidity have gotten the better of your fragrance it will deepen in colour and alter it’s scent, or even loose it. Keep all fragrances in a cool place rather than diminishing on your window sill. If you want to show off your fragrance collection in a pretty display, why not display them on a pretty cake stand? In a cool, dry place of course!


If prolonging your scent isn’t a problem,or your scent is actually very strong without the acompanied lotion, then simply spray your fragrance into the air and walk through the mist slowly. This will give a simple hint of fragrance dispersed over the whole body.


While this won’t prolong your fragrance, I do think it’s important to highlight that spraying your fragrance into you hair, can damage it. Fragrance’s contain cosmetic alcohols that dry out your hair. While the alcohol level content is very low, the use if it every day can have  negative impact over time. You can’t reverse the effects of dried out hair, so avoid the possibility of damage.

Will you be layering on your favourite fragrance to smell good for longer?

Donna-Marie xx


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