Miss Guided biker jackets are a rock chic dream


When it comes to a good biker jacket, Miss Guided’s collection of biker jackets has it all! Their range consists of 92 styles in colours and cuts that are bold, daring, and totally unexpected. But whats interesting about this collection is that despite appearance, they are all faux leather and faux suede. Channel your inner rock chic with these styles:

Miss Guided Bella Dee 1.jpg

Fringe detail faux suede eyelet Biker Jacket, €112.00

Nude velvet Biker Jacket €56.00


70’s retro faux suede mustard belted Biker Jacket, €56.oo


Statement breaker black faux leather quilted Biker Jacket, €98.00


Standout berry burgundy faux suede biker jacket, €56.00


70’s style bonded faux suede Biker Coat in tan, €84,00

Miss Guided Bella Dee 6.jpg

Embroidered faux leather biker jacket black, €70.00

Miss Guided Bella Dee 9.jpg


Biker chick vibes statement badge Biker Jacket €84.00


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