Our Magical Santa Experience


The award winning Santa Experience, voted best Santa in Ireland is back, for the 6th Christmas running and Seán and I were treated to the wonderful experience last week. The Santa Experienced is located in Dunnes Stores, Dublin, Limerick and Cork. Despite being located in Dunnes Stores flagship stores, you would never know it. The whole experience was magical and lasted approx. 45 minutes. Santa Experience opened it’s doors on Friday 25th Nov and runs until 23rd Dec.


To start off the trip, we were greeted by excited elves who were full of life and in full character mode. The waiting room is decked out with plenty to keep your lil ones entertained from colouring-in tables, Christmas movies and the elves themselves were great at keeping the kids entertained for the brief wait. There is also a great photo opt here in the Santa Experience frame, as you can see above.


Post Office

The elves in Santa’s Post Office were again full of life and had the kids laughing from the minute they walked in. There was a few ‘wow’ moments from the kids in here as letters and parcels were delivered through the magical postal shoot while we were there. We left here via the filing cabinet, which the kids found very amusing.

The Santa Experience-Bella-Dee.jpg

Santa’s Stable

We then ventured into stables where another lovely elf told us that the reindeer’s were given ‘magic dust’ to help them rest to consume their energy, hence why they look like stuffed animals! The kids were asked to be quiet and gentle with the reindeer’s to make sure not to wake them as they need to keep as much energy as possible for their big flight!

Bella-Dee - The Santa Experience 5.jpg

Sleigh Station

The Sleigh Station was the complete opposite to the quiet stables, it was full of excitement and fun. Two hyper elves took the kids through all of Santa’s radar signals and sleigh checks on a massive flashing board and showed the kids a happiness portal that helps power up the sleigh. There is also another great photo opt in the sleigh so remember to bring the phones.

Bella-Dee - The Santa Experience 6.jpg

North Pole

The hyped up elves transported the kids, in Santa’s Sleigh, into the ‘North Pole’ were another elf showed the kids all of Santa’s pets from the new baby polar bear to the oldest penguin. There was a few giggling moments were the elf struts around with the kids practicing their best penguin walk and naming the new polar bear.

The Santa Experience 20.png

Santa’s House

Finally, the big man himself! He’s seated in a huge cozy room with beautiful Christmas decorations. The room oozes a wonderful warm Christmas feel. The kids are invited by Santa to sit on the floor in front of him while the parents get comfy on the couch and lap up the kids excitement. Santa, being the magical man himself, reads from his check list book and somehow (nothing to do with the form parents filled out at the start!!) knows everything about the kids from their name, age, school, teacher, hobbies and of course what they would like from the man himself. And of course, gave the kids a Christmas gift each. There’s a professional photographer on hand to capture the moment too.


The trip over all was brilliant. I couldn’t fault it. Every wall was decked out with beautiful Christmas decorations, glistening lights and the elves were so excited and wonderful with the kids. We smiled and laughed the whole way through and I left with a very happy little boy. When we walked out we had completely forgotten we were in the middle of Dunnes Stores, that’s how good it was!


If you would like to enjoy the magic of the Santa Experience book online here. It costs €10 per child and €3 per adult (€3 booking fee applies too). A professional picture with Santa is €12, and €6 per image there after. Early booking is recommended to guarantee your preferred time and date.

The Santa Experience Dublin - Bella-Dee.jpg

The Santa Experience supports Temple St. Dublin and Mercy Street Cork children’s hospitals who they also visit each year with Santa and his elves to bring some seasonal cheer.

You can also find the Santa Experience on Facebook here.

Will you be taking a trip through Santa’s Experience this Christmas?

Donna-Marie xx


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