Guilt free Ferrero Rocher

Ryvita Forrero Rocher.jpg

January trends; go the gym, eat healthy. How many of you have embarked on this journey? More to the point, how many of you are still striving with your new commitment? Well apparently, January 24th is the most popular day for ditching New Year resolutions. So if you’ve kept yours up, good on ye!

I featured these treats on my snapchat (@dmelc) last week and had such an interest so, here’s a chocolate treat to reward yourself in the evening, without the guilty feeling! Home made Ferrero Rocher. Apparently, they’re only 2 syn’s in slimming world and a great treat for kids. They are so easy to make, even the kids will gladly help.


(Makes 10)


4 Ryvita
2 tblsp Nutella
½ tblsp syrup
½ tblsp warm water


Crush Ryvita well in  bowl.
Mix wet ingredients together.
Add dry & wet ingredients  and mix well.
Using an ice cube tray (silicone if possible), spoon the mixture into 10 cubes
Leave to set in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Ryvita Forrero Rocher.png

I had planned on taking a fancy-smancy after picture but to be honest, they didn’t last long enough to photograph! If you make these delicious treats, comment below and let me know what you think.

Donna-Marie xx


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