January Faves


I always enjoy writing monthly fave posts because I get to shout about what I’ve discovered over the past month or what hidden beauty gems I’ve enjoyed. I spent January trying to get better after I caught that nasty flu over the Christmas so I’ve been focusing on trying to keep moisture levels high and getting skin back to a decent condition.

Ziaja Skin Care

Olive Leaf Regenerating Face Mask

Package instructions say to use this like a traditional facemask; slap it on and rinse it off 15 minutes later. But, I prefer to use this as an overnight mask 2 nights a week. Maybe that’s because after 15 minutes my skin drank the entire product leaving nothing to rinse off! It really is a perfect pick me up for skin, especially after a night out! Hyaluronic acid (adored in the skincare industry) and youth vitamins revive tired, looking skin while olive leaf extract detoxes and soothes.

RRP €0.69 for a 7ml sachet available online at www.originalbeauty.ie, Shaws Department stores and pharmacies nationwide.


Il-uminate Milk Cleanser

I received this in January, courtesy of GlossyBox and I love it! It’s formulated with natural oils that purifies and protects the skin.  While it left my skin feeling super soft without any irritation, I did have to reach for cotton wool and micellar water to remove the last traces of makeup. But to be honest, I will continue to use it as it is so nourishing and comforting on the skin. My skin didn’t feel as tight after using it so I didn’t have to load my skin with moisturizer, defo a win win!

Perfect timing as this is on special offer,  €13.60 for 200ml here.


Tousled Effect Spray

Anyone who follows me on snapchat (@dmelc) will have seen my Aurora Band epic fail a few weeks ago! I still haven’t mastered it by the way! I’ve been desperate to create that Bo-Ho blowdry / beachwave look that doesn’t involve actual effort, is that actually possible? After all who wants to be styling their hair when they’re sick and feeling miserable. Well, I discovered that if I towel dried me hair, spritzed this all over and gave it a little scrunch it dried into a lovely beach wave curl. This is such a multi purpose product in my eyes though. Not only is it great for the natural beach wave look, it is great for keeping your blow dry in perfect condition for longer by simply spritzing itinto towel dried hair then styling. It’s great for second day styling when hair’s got a bit of a life of it’s own. But I love that it keeps frizzy hair at bay and adds volume! Yes to the volume! Thankfully the buildable texture leaves hair soft without that sticky feeling. This is a perfect holiday product because not only does it help create gorgeous beach waves, it’s also got UV and heat protection.

RRP €27.00 available in Peter Mark hair salons or online from www.millies.ie.


Perfect Eye Fluid

It’s no surprise that Declare is in my monthly faves again, it’s a brand I have so much love for. This time Declare is keeping my eyes de-puffed and hydrated with thanks to Perfect Eye Fluid. The cooling roller ball applicator, massaged gentle over the delicate eye area offers a perfect synergy of instant penetrating fluid. It contains unique Declaré src-complex™ that immediately nourishes the  delicate skin around the eyes with an intense moisturiser and reduces existing lines and wrinkles. Dark rings and puffiness are diminished. For freshly radiant, revitalised skin around the eyes through out the day you can roll this over our eye makeup,  gently pat it in with your ring finger and let the moisture soak in. Bye bye dark circles, hello freshness!

Malibu Lip Care

Tropical SPF 30

If you’ve seen my snapchat or Instagram you can’t have missed the braces. I am however on the home run of my 6 month braces and I think I’ll be happier to be wearing red lips again more than having straight teeth! So in the absence of crazy lip colors for fear of staining my clear braces I’ve had to result to lip balms, clear lip balm (sigh!). However I picked up this little gem in Penny’s for less than €2 and it’s brilliant! Seriously, brilliant! It’s a stick application so a hell of a lot more hygienic then dip-pot lip balms. It’s got a very subtle tropical flavour. It’s water resistant so one lick or sip of coffee won’t wash this away. More impressively, it’s got an SPF 30 so lips are highly protected (yes, you can get sunburnt lips). It’s a no brainer to have this in your handbag to keep lips kissable, protected and tasty!

RRP €1.50 in Penny’s, Dealz and pharmacies nationwide.

Do any of my monthly faves take your fancy? Will you be uping your skincare regime or opting for the natural beach wave look?

Feel free to comment below, I love hearing from you guys.

Donna-Marie xx


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