bela-dee-sensitive-skinUnless you’ve experienced sensitive skin, you won’t know how torturous it can be, it stings, itches, burns, turns red and even peels. But, when managed properly, delicate sensitive skin is the most beautiful skin. If you suffer from sensitive skin, don’t try to mask it with make-up, it will only make it look worse and heighten the sensitivity. Here’s my three top pics for sensitive skin.



Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask

REN Skincare have launched a new and innovative skincare facial mask and let me tell you, this is science at it’s best! Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask. It’s the first skincare product in the world to use white mushroom and Arnica Montana Flower Extract extract. White mushroom is a powerhouse of natural painkillers that instantly soothes and destresses skin. Arnica Montana Flower Extract is used by surgeons to reduce post-operative trauma and a potent weapon against ageing free radicals so when added to the Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask, it promotes beautifully soft and smooth skin, with a glowing, even tone. It also contains a concoction of nature-derived ingredients to stop pain, itchiness and redness and boost the skin’s immune system for long lasting relief. If used weekly, this mask can relieve even the most hyper sensitive skins leaving it beautifully soft and smooth, with a glowing, even skin tone.

RRP €32.00



Anti Irritation Serum

Decalré are by far the leaders in sensitive skincare, evident from their long list of outstanding awards. Declare Anti Irritation Serum is an ultra-light weight serum, that is highly effective thanks to the unique combination of active ingredients and addition of hyaluronic acid and moisturising complexes. But why is it so good? Highly effective plant extracts reinforce the skin’s own protective function, helping your skin to combat daily stress factors that cause sensitive skin to flare up. Three small drops of the Anti Irritation Serum used daily under moisturiser reduces (and eventually eliminates) signs of stress, fatigue and rashes to reveal a complexion that looks smooth and relaxed, radiating a wonderful freshness.

RRP €59.50



Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk

Daily cleansing is almost unavoidable, but even water can irritate the most hyper sensitive skins. La Roche Posay Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk delicately cleanses, removing make-up and eliminating impurities from the skin’s surface without irritation. This no soap, no parabens, no alcohol, no colourant formula follows strict formulations standards for 100% hypoallergenic skincare. A high concentration of minimal ingredients, enriched with Thermal Spring Water helps to balance the skin’s pH for a comfortable cleanse every time.

RRP €15.50

Rescuing sensitive skin is no longer an issue, and maintaining calm sensitive skin reveals a fresh glowing beauty. There really is no need to suffer, calm your skin with these sensitive skin beauty stars!

Donna-Marie xx


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