The Ultimate Multi-Tasking Beauty Tool

TRND Beauty Shadow Shields

Shadow Shields, are the latest makeup accessory saviours! These nifty half moon shaped gems eliminate eye shadow fallout, mascara smudges, and help create the perfect winged eye look. They have been referred to as, ‘the ultimate multi-tasking beauty tool’ and a favourite of top celebrity make-up artists. Now we know their secret! Buy buy panda eyes, and that’s before you even head out the door!

Shadow Shield - eye shadow

Perfect Eyeshadow

Shadow Shields are placed under the eye, using the adhesive strips, before applying eye make-up to catch excess product that falls.

Trnd Beauty

Perfect Lips

When applying lippie, place Shadow Shields under your bottom lip to aid perfect lipstick application.

Shadow Shield - eye liner

Perfect Wing

Simply angle the Shadow Shield where you want you liner to create the perfect flick.

Created by a pro

Shadow Shields were invented by busy mum and make-up artist Michelle Villanueva from Southern California. Michelle’s super nifty invention has been so successful that they have been featured in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Ellen, and E News!

Dublin woman Grace Reed, owner of TRND Beauty, is now the Irish distributor for Shadow Shields. According to Grace Reed

“Busy women everywhere love Shadow Shields.  They make application simpler, and save everyone, including make-up artists, that extra 10-15 minutes it takes to touch up the mess of eyeshadow fallout!”

TRND Beauty 

Shadow Shields, priced at €10.95 for a box of 30, are a disposable, hands-free and a great time-saving product. They join TRND Beauty’s a growing range of leading skincare and cosmetics available online at include the hugely popular LA Girl make-up range from the U.S.

Will you be perfecting your eye look with Shadow Shields?

Donna-Marie xx


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