Make summer luggage lighter with Roger & Gallet

Perfumed Dry Oil – The Perfect Travel Companion

Moisturising, Beautifying, Nourishing and Uplifting

Roger & Gallet is one of my favourite brands, it’s got so many hidden gems within the brand and the scents are always so beautiful. The scents are strong, linger for hours but not over bearing! One of their many golden products are their Beauty Oils. These are multi-sensory skin care products in a deliciously velvety dry formula so they don’t leave you standing naked for an hour waiting for it to soak in. The scents in the collection will truly indulge your senses and I guess you could say uplift your spirit.

Roger & Gallet

But why are they a perfect travel companion this summer? Because they are super moisturising for skin and hair. Spritz it into your hair when you get out of the pool or sea to lock in moisture and protect it from the sun and lock in moisture. If you have bleached hair or dyed hair, moisture is so important to keep hair in good condition, shiny and healthy and this is an easy way to ensure that. At night, when the sun goes down, dry oils are a great way to moisturise skin while adding a delicious scent. They have an ultra-nourishing formula and an ideal texture for massage, but at the same time are rapidly absorbed and non-sticky, leaving skin feeling repaired and soothed.

Roger & Gallet Bois d_orange

Roger & Gallet’s new Bois d’Orange Huile Sublime 3 in 1 oil makes luggage load even lighter. Like other dry oils in the range, this can be used on the body and hair, but also on the face. It delicately envelops the skin in its heavenly scent, leaving a sun-kissed satin sheen that is both nourishing and protective, not to mention smelling deliciously summery.

Containing a cocktail of 6 active plant oils and vitamin E, this wonder product is known for its nourishing properties, perfect for use after your day in the sun. Use on your body, hair or face for a sublime, glossy, satin smooth feel. Dermatologically tested, it is suitable for dry, sensitive skin

Available in Marks & Spencer & selected pharmacies nationwide, 30ml, RRP €14.74.

Donna-Marie x


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